How are rough diamonds cut?

Rough Stone

Once the rough diamonds are received at our offices, they review each rough diamond individually and decide a plan of action that will maximize its magnificence. Thus the polishing process begins. It is during this process that the shape and size of each diamond is determined. First, the sides of the diamond are polished creating windows on the rough crystals to help the cutter locate any flaws.


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The next step in diamond cutting Is the examination of the stone In the rough form. Each stone is totally unique, they must be studied in detail to determine the finished shape that will retain as much weight as possible. The stone is then marked to indicate how it must be divided.



To cut a rough stone, It is first set in a ‘don’ or holder using quick drying cement. Then, using another diamond, a small groove is made along the division line. A square-edged knife is then inserted Into the groove and tapped sharply with a mallet. It is this action that determines the diamond’s future as if the division line has not been placed properly, or followed accurately, the diamond can shatter. Cleaving is always done parallel With the grain of the diamond.


Sawing & Polishing The Stone

Larger rough stones are often saved to create several pieces. The stones are sawed to the measurements and specifications of the designer. Once each stone is cut to size the cutter begins the polishing process. Using the polishing table the cutter carefully polishes the facets on the finished stone.