Explore the 4C's: Cut
Diamonds come in a variety of cuts.  The round brilliant is the most popular of all diamond shapes. Other shapes are called "Fancy Cut Diamonds"  Round Brilliant Cut Diamond The Round Brilliant Cut diamond is the most traditional and popular...
The 4C's of diamond quality: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.
Use the 4C's to choose a diamond with four simple characteristics and easy to understand guides. You can also use this interactive learning tool from the Gemological Institute of America on our website! If you have any more questions contact us...
IberJoya Diamonds Website Goes Live Thursday Aug 17th, 2021!
Read about the new things to come with this much awaited launch. IberJoya has streamlined the customer experience to provide easy booking with customer service representatives, easy access to repairs and services, plus an all new collection!