Lifetime Services


Side diamond replacement

Please follow up with annual inspection and prong checking to prevent damage to your jewelry. The replacement of side diamonds is limited to a diamond weight of .10ct per diamond or a combined total weight of .20ct.

Ring Sizing

We reduce or enlarge rings in gold or platinum. Contact us to help you to determine the correct size or try our online ring sizer!


Prong Adjusting & Retipping

In order to protect your ring, we recommend having it checked annually to catch any potential issues before they arise. Re-tipping is the process of building up the prongs on your ring so that they continue to keep your stones safe and secure.

Clasp & Chain Repair

Never worry about ill-fitting jewelry with our warranty. Secure your pieces with IberJoya!

an engagement ring in a jewelry box

Annual Refurbishment

Our goldsmiths polish and refinish your dull, worn or scratched jewelry to give it that new look again.

Overall inspection

Our repair team photographs and processes each item upon arrival. Your jewelry will be walked into the workshop and worked on all under one roof. We track each item along every step of the process to provide a thorough inspection.

...and You are Enrolled in our Trade Up Program!

IberJoya’s Limited Lifetime Warranty does not include or cover:

Loss of the item due to negligence, accident, burglary, vandalism, fire, flood or any other acts of God, or when not in the owner’s possession. Any indication or signs of abuse, tampering, unjustified stress or force applied to the item. Any alteration or repair or attempt to do so by any other party different from IberJoya will void the Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty and Lifetime Trade-Up Program.