History & Heritage

  •  FOUNDING IBERJOYA - Madrid, Spain
    The first generation of IberJoya opened its doors and started a remarkable legacy that would be celebrated for years to come. Angel Manrique I began as a bench jeweler in the industry and opened the business as a Master Jeweler with the technical acumen that many strive for.
    Angel Manrique
    After beautifully hand-crafting and finishing IberJoya’s newest jewelry collection, Mr. Manrique began traveling extensively across Europe. He quickly gained popularity in the industry for his innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.
  • EXPANDING OVERSEAS - South America
    After strengthening business in Europe, Angel Manrique I decided to expand further west, selling more of his spectacular collection at the Latin trade shows.
  • THE BIG MOVE - Caracas, Venezuela
    Venezuela’s fine jewelry scene was like no other at the time, having a district with bustling high-rise buildings known as La Francia. It was occupied with artfully-crafted jewelers and IberJoya’s reputation quickly gained admiration among the vendors here. IberJoya continued to lead the jewelry industry by proudly supplying many of the other vendors of La Francia with its unique, high quality jewelry.
  • A NEW GENERATION - Venezuela
    Angel Manrique II grew up watching his father design, handcraft, and distribute jewelry collections throughout his life. He entered the jewelry industry and became part of the IberJoya family, proudly starting our 2nd generation of jewelers.
  • COMING TO AMERICA - Miami, Florida 
    With the move to the United States, came new, bold ideas for the business. IberJoya’s newest designs included a collection of precious and semi-precious gemstone jewelry, integrating and redefining collections for American buyers and its modern fashions.
    IberJoya caught the attention of various department stores and cruise lines, including Macy’s and Zales to name a couple. Traveling to each corner of the United States and expanding overseas, our representatives assisted thousands of clienteles in purchasing only the best diamond jewelry at the best possible value, upholding IberJoya’s company motto.
    Angel Manrique III joined IberJoya with his brothers and extended family member, all having been inspired by the family’s late grandfather to curate their newest collection. Coming into the new millennia, Angel Manrique III, Jose Manrique, Francisco Manrique, and Ian Van fashioned the new Euro-Collection, pleasing customers of all ages and trends of all kinds in time for the company’s 50th anniversary.
    The Kimberley Process (KP) is an ongoing international effort to eliminate conflict diamonds from the supply chain. The KP now represents 82 countries and imposes extensive requirements on its members that permit them to certify shipments of rough diamonds as conflict-free.  Semi-annual committee gatherings are held regularly to review reports and analysis of data to ensure proper monitoring.
    With the passing of their father, Angel Manrique II left behind an incredible legacy that continues to live on in each member of the IberJoya family. Having done an unbelievable job, his work there will last forever.
    Growth was undeniable and so the decision was made to open IberJoya’s corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. While further developing a rigorous quality control process, IberJoya’s development sought to integrate sourcing and manufacturing while concentrating its business largely in diamonds.
  • HEADING TO AFRICA - Sierra Leone
    The IberJoya team traveled to meet with a village chief in Africa as part of a co-op program, helping them to develop their own business. Through the development of this program, IberJoya was able to provide clean drinking water, electricity, and guaranteed meals for 36 villagers every single day.
    Anthony Manrique joins the IberJoya team as a GIA gemologist and advanced jewelry technician, becoming an integral collaborator in business operations.
    Just in time to celebrate 70 years in the jewelry industry, IberJoya built its first US-based workshop, holding its Grand Opening and integrating its corporate offices, workshop and showroom into one entity.
    Today, IberJoya bridges the gap between industry knowledge and the customer experience. Our experienced jewelers and representatives allow IberJoya to provide customers with quality diamonds and only the best customer service. Jewelry manufacturing, wholesale business, and retail partnerships are all under one house, one motto, one promise.